High quality tests whose answers can't be found online. Quick completion times. Real assessment of skills and performance.

Buy tests in bulk when you need them. No subscriptions or recurring charges.



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No monthly subscription or recurring charges. Buy the tests you need in bulk. Get refunded for what you don't use minus a 20% handling fee.

Premium Questions

Our 1000+ Premium Questions test real-world problem solving. Get a refund if you find a question answered online.

Mix & Match Skill Tests

You can combine skills to make your own custom test or multi-skill tests. Then get performance results per skill.

Custom Questions & Tests

Customize our ready-to-use tests any way you want. Each question can be edited and customized, plus you can add your own questions in any format.

Unique Test URL & Email Invites

Get a URL you can share for each test. Put it on your job posting or send it individually. You can also send email invites through our platform.

Cheating Protection

With online proctoring and copy and paste protection, we prevent cheating. We also check for test duplicates from similar email addresses.

Insightful Reporting

Get an overview of your pass/fail groups to make the review process as fast as possible. Then dive deeper into individual candidate's results and answers.

Multi-user Accounts & Internal Sharing

Your TestDome account can include multiple users at no additional charge. Plus, you can easily share overall and individual results with your colleagues.

ATS Integration & API Access

We integrate with popular ATS systems Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Recruitee, and TalentLyft. Learn more about integrations. If we don't integrate with your ATS, you can use our API.

Programming & Non-technical

Choose from programming skills assessments like SQL and Java, non-technical tests like customer service and sales, and logical and reasoning assessments.

Excellent support & free concierge service

Our support team is available to answer questions at any stage of the testing process. If you want hands-on help, we'll setup your tests for you with our free concierge service.

Great customer support
Free concierge service
Pay as you go pricing
Excellent support

Premium Tests That Help You Advance the Best Candidates

These are the tests we use when we hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TestDome work?

After you purchase a Test Pack, the appropriate number of invites gets added to your TestDome balance. An invite is spent each time you invite a candidate to a test, or each time a candidate takes your test from your shareable unique URL (if you choose to share that URL publicly or individually).

If you want to test for multiple skills, simply combine questions from different skill categories so you can have the candidate take one test instead of two or three. If an invited candidate does not take the test within 6 days, their invite will be refunded and you can use it to invite another candidate.

What happens when I don't have any more invites left?

You must top up your account with a new Test Pack before sending more invites. You can manually top up your account with whichever Test Pack you choose, or you can elect to have your account automatically topped up with the same Test Pack after 90% of the previous Test Pack has been used up.

Can I top up with a different Test Pack next time?

Yes, you can manually purchase a new Test Pack at any time. You can choose whichever new Test Pack you'd like.

Does my Test Pack expire?

No. There is no expiration date. Your unused invites are available to you whenever you need them! You can use them for any test in the future.

Do you charge VAT (value-added tax)?

For certain countries, we are obliged to collect VAT on top of the listed prices.

Can I get a refund for unused tests?

We can refund the cost of any unused invites minus a 20% handling fee (the minimum fee is $30) up to 6 months (for credit cards) or 90 days (for PayPal payment) after purchase.

What types of payment do you accept?

Our self-service‚Äč payment accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and JCB. For large contracts, we accept alternative payment methods (wire transfers, purchase orders, Amazon Pay, Alipay, WebMoney, Sofort, iDEAL, Giropay and UnionPay). Contact support for more details.

For all other questions, check out our TestDome support.

Premium Tests That Help You Advance the Best Candidates

These are the tests we use when we hire.

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